Thursday, December 29, 2005

no, i do not know what kwanzaa is

Okay. I need to be perfectly clear about this as not to offend, cause confusion, or get bitched out by somebody. I'm not a person who thinks alot about race. I don't think about mine, much less if i don't walk by a mirror. I love everyone. That said, STOP ASKING ME ABOUT KWANZAA!!!!

Great God Almighty!!! I may be black (and that is even disputed by black people) but I am under no obligation to observe, celebrate or even KNOW what kwanzaa is all about! I mean, i love you all, i really do. And I have no problem being your token black friend, i really don't! But STOP, PLEASE STOP, requesting my knowledge concerning this holiday.

I'm in Best Buy, and a very large pseudo tribal looking gentleman from Nigeria, I later learn, follows me around the store for almost thirty minutes! Why? you ask? Because I'm supposed to know about Kwanzaa!! arrrrragh!

So please, this is my earnest request. If you would like to know more about kwanzaa, don't ask me, google it. If that's too impersonal for you, there's a large fellow at the Best Buy in st. louis park. I'm sure he would love to help you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

here's to you (and me) but mostly you.

I'm happy. It's been a while since I could say that I was happy. JUST HAPPY. I haven't been depressed, but rare are the moments when I can take a deep breath, think about my life and still smile. I'm in my pjs, I'm listening to The Honorary Title's cd, I'm looking at a sunny sky with sparkling packages of white wandering past my window. I'm content. Without all the things I thought it would take for me to be content. After everything, I'm here. And I was supposed to be here. Happy. And here. I don't know why things work out the way they do, but it's nice to know that where ever i end up, is exactly where i was meant to be. Happy. Eggnog. Christmas. I may not know you, but I love you, and if I know you, well, then you can feel additional fuzzies because it's true. I don't know how long this will last - so i gotta share it while its here, right?

So here's to everyone whose gonna have a beautiful Christmas/New Year/ Haunukkah, whatever. And to those who are happy because they're here. Right. Where. You. Need. Be.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the perfect end to a lousy week, life whatev

Okay - so i'm not really going to kill myself. not right now. i don't have anything nearby that would do the trick anyway. that, and my parents are coming to visit me for thankgs and i don't want to ruin the weekend with a suicide. that said, i'll wait till next week, and here's why i want to die.

computers are of the devil. satan created them, then he sent them out into the world to work their evil ways by doing things like, "simplifying" and "multitasking" and "enhancing" mankind's fragile existence until the time they are ready to combust. then like suicide bomers, they go off. taking with them everything you entrusted to them like, say two and a half years worth of stuff, and anything of any importance to this semester. riiiiiiiight. last night, Max R. Swell, my hard drive (aka, satanic nymph) decided it was time to detonate. now he holds my files, life, education, whatev- hostage in his binary little grip. and then the apple people, the other imps of the dark one, are further offering to help me recover my files for a casual $800. Helpful bastards aren't they? So, yes. this is where i am. PRAYING for some relief. alright AAer's, this is time to prove God with me. I need a miracle. I need 55gbs of stuff back, or some of you will be buying indulgences to get me outta purgatory. Oh, wait. we don't believe in that. riiiiiight. k, then i'm just screwed.

Monday, November 21, 2005

good driver + bad pedestrian = me

Monday, November 21, 2005

Okay, so this is my first blog entry and while it should be something thoughtful, rather i have chosen to reflect on my new found realization of how thoughtless i am when meandering through traffic . . .on foot.

So my car is having difficulties. Blackbilly (my blk chevy blazer who i bought from a hill billy - get it?) decided this week that he wasn't going to start up in the mornings. this of course, coincides with the first snow fall. either way, he is forcing me to now be among other things, (like an angry little girl), a bus rider (yay!) and a pedestrian (boo!).

In the course of this week (really last week) I have nearly been hit by a car thrice, narrowly missed walking into one twice, and have fallen in front of, behind or beside one at least once . . .daily. this brings me to the conclusion that driving has spoiled me. i can operate a motor vehicle, but apparently at the cost of knowing how to operate my appendages.

So, if perchance you see me this week, walking obliviously, you may just want to stop and pick me up and deposit me where i need to be. think about it. you might be saving my life.