Wednesday, January 17, 2007

gay and from utah

So, as I often do, I am using myspace as a means of communicating with the world at large. Is the world listening? Of course you're not. I do this strictly to make myself feel valued. This and the medications. I digress.

This blog goes out to a dear and personal friend of mine, Matt Something-Something. I met Matt Something...oh... say five days ago? Yes, we were friends from Spokane WA, to Denver CO, on my return flight after New Years. Best friends for two hours and six minutes plus turbulance.

Matt held my hand figuratively (and literally) through take off since I at the time was convinced I was going to die. But aside from displaying life saving techniques, helping me find my seat adjustment button, and showing me how to activate my seat to be a floatation device (in the event of a water landing) Matt was also a hilarious and charming seat-mate who entertained me and calmed much for my fear and for that I am grateful.

So grateful, I misplaced the paper he gave me with his myspace address. Hence why this blog goes out to "Gay-And-From-Utah" (which is how Matt described himself).

Therefore, if you have seen Matt, or know Matt, or perhaps ARE Matt and haven't realized yet that I am talknig about you, DROP ME A LINE. Thanks for letting me hide my face in your arm during take off and I hope you had an awesome time protesting sexual discrimination in uptight colleges and universities. Hope we meet up on a boeing 433 somewhere again.


Ps. Have you seen my Chapstick? Thanks.